You’ve been told not to believe everything you read. So, how much are you influenced by the bad science coming out from your utility company? Greer Ryan and Emma Searson note in their Op-Ed titled, “How Utilities Wield Bad Science to Stunt Clean Energy”, “For the past decade, renewable energy technologies have been growing by leaps and bounds across the United States. But in response to that success, big utilities are pulling out all the stops to block a transformational shift to planet-friendly power.”

They go on to say, “To change how we value energy sources in the long term, we’ll need creative and courageous thinking from experts in different fields”. Conscientious, informed solutions for small-hydro is part of how CleanEnergy Hydro seeks to transform communities toward a healthier energy future. But don’t take our word for it, read more from Ryan and Searson how the issues and solutions.

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