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ClearEnergy Hydro acquires small, distributed hydro sites, integrating them into a platform for our planet’s social, environmental, and economic prosperity.
We upgrade facilities, accelerate watershed entrepreneurship, and sell renewable energy to corporations prioritizing climate action.

About Us

Clear Energy Hydro is a private-equity backed, Colorado-based, independent green power producer. We leverage advanced technologies, best-in-class engineering, and socially-conscious capital to transform the untapped capacity of water into social, environmental, and economic benefits for our communities. Our team of seasoned entrepreneurs has decades of experience in water, power, sustainability, and innovation.

Working with Us

ClearEnergy works with site owners, entrepreneurs, and climate-focused corporations to add hundreds of megawatts of distributed renewable energy to the grid while enhancing the health of our nation’s watersheds.

Transforming potential into prosperity

October 16, 2019

Clean Energy Transforming Fish Habitats

October 15, 2019

Reducing Negative Impacts While Improving Community Life

Triple Bottom Line Impacts

Currently, the US has over 100,000 MW of untapped energy potential in its existing dams, waterways, and conduits – enough to power 300,000,000 electric cars for one year. Yet, over the past two decades almost no new domestic hydropower has been installed.

Recently, a new generation of demands, technologies, processes and regulations have created a window of opportunity to achieve compelling, long-term, “triple bottom line” impacts from a modern small hydro portfolio.

Existing Dams 97% of the nation’s roughly 80,000 existing dams are not currently used to generate power representing 12 GW of untapped hydropower capacity.
Water Supply The U.S. has 1.2 million miles of water supply mains and a similar number of waste water conduits representing 3.5GW of capacity.
Irrigation Systems There is 30MW of capacity in the pressurized irrigation systems in Colorado alone. Estimates suggest this source could represent up to 1GW nationally.
Irrigation Systems 65 GW of sustainable small hydro power potential exists in US Streams.

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